Tuesday, June 4, 2013

No Witty Titles Needed

The dire straits of our individual yet coherent situations. The relation is universal.

Stay chill.


  1. Hey, Mike. Cool to see a new post from you. Hope all is well. Any new stories in the works?

  2. Hey, Sean. Good to see you around as well. Always writing. Still working on the longer stuff which takes up a lot of time. Short story wise, I've got a few out there which people don't seem to dig, but that's life.

    How about you- what's new?

  3. Mike,

    I'm with Sean...and it's about damn time you showed up...

    And hey, on the short stories, I sure as hell dig them and a bunch of other people do to. Keep writing brother. - Jim

  4. Hi Jim,

    Always good to hear from you, bro.

    So, what's on your plate these days? More books?

    On the short story front, I meant more in terms non-responsiveness of ezines and magazines, which does not bother me in the least. Nobody is harder on themselves about the quality of their work than myself. The pieces I've written are good. They just haven't found the right home, yet.

    Later, man.

  5. Mike,

    Well, Queen of Diamonds is out, the follow-up book to Blood on Blood. Same format as the first one. Alternating chapters written by Frank and I. I'm being a big boy and currently about halfway through writing my own novel right now too.

    And, if you look right behind you standing in the 'hard on your own writing' line you'll see me. I hear you on that. Stop by over at Hardboiled Partners in Crime and say hey sometime! - Jim

  6. Good to see you back to blogging, Mike. And, once again, I appreciate your kind words on the passing of my nephew.

  7. Hi David,

    I hope things are better on your front. Sometimes that old devil melancholy likes to hang around. I hope you've beat him out the door.

  8. Still in the process, Mike. But publishing Kyle's next collection of poems will help a great deal.

  9. Mike,

    Thought I'd drop by and say hey. What's up brother, how goes it? Hope everything is good for you and yours. - Jimbo

  10. Mike,
    I'm back to bug the shit out of you...I won't stop till you answer me...What's up my man? Throw a rock at me or something, I don't care. Any ol' kind of response will do. Seriously, just wanted to touch base and say hey. Hope things are good for you and yours. - Jimbo