Friday, December 14, 2012


Put the cat down today. Old gal was with us for 13 years. Got her when we had nothing.

We were living in an old trailer home in a cow pasture near Antonino, KS. An old farmer stopped by, had this little ball of black fur. He asked if we wanted it because if we didn't he was going to take it to the pond and drown it. Too many feral cats can cause a lot of problems and he had too many the way it was.

We took her in. We took her from KS to FL, screaming all the way.

She was anti-social. She made her own way. She ran the roost. I often felt my wife and I were her puppets—she just had that kind of personality.

But over the last few months she quit eating. We tried different foods, which only worked for awhile. This past week she gave up completely.

Last night Kitty vomited thin black blood. The jig was up.

The old doc gave it too me straight: kidneys are shot. She's shot. I knew this. I cannot and will not let an animal suffer.

The doc put her down—two seconds and she was Gone City.

Kitty—she was a good cat.

I buried her between two crepe myrtles in our back yard.