Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Season

Writing and just feeling so damn good about it, watching brown Anole lizards crawling on anything and everything outside my window and just plain happy that football season is here—Go Pack!

Stay chill.


  1. The holy ghost of Joe Montana is strong with Aaron Rodgers. The kid is 100% about football and shunned Mark Sanchez for doing GQ. I like that kind of dedication.

  2. Yeah, I knew Rodgers was gonna be great when I saw him play against Dallas a few years ago as a backup. And he's the closest to "Joe Cool" as I've seen since the better years of Tom Brady. And both Rodgers and Brady were huge underdogs. Hmmm, a lesson in itself?

    Good hearing from you, Ben.

  3. Mike,

    You're gonnna kill me but...Da Bears.

    Don't hate me. - Jimbo