Friday, January 6, 2012

South Korean Crime Noir

I don't watch much television. But on Friday nights, I like a good movie. I'd ran the gamut of American crime and noir. Even some French. No, this ol' boy ain't very cultured, but I'll try most anything.

We have streaming Netflix. I kept noticing all these South Korean movies and by reading the summaries, it looked as though the South Korean's love their crime. I held off. The Asian language has always been difficult for me to follow (I know, subtitles). Still, I noticed they were getting pretty high ratings. I gave one a chance. Then two and I'm still going.

I started with a film called I Saw the Devil. Talk about blowing me out of my tighty whities. Great production quality. Good story. Great acting. Brutal and beautiful.

From there I went to The Chaser. Not quite on par with I Saw the Devil, in my opinion, but still very good. My wife was even interested and this type of movie is not her thing. She's not much for subtitles, either.

I don't do reviews, so I don't expect you to glean much information from this post. Still, check 'em out if your bored off your ass this weekend and are willing to try something different. Yeah, I know, the playoffs are on. But, we all know the Packers are going to take it all again this year anyhow.

Stay chill.

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