Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Interesting People

Reading a JD Salinger biography over the weekend- an author I've never read, but find somewhat fascinating as a person- I came upon an interesting individual. His name was William Shawn, and he was a longtime editor for New Yorker magazine.

Shawn was a close friend of Salinger's and, by all accounts, an extravagant and eccentric personality. Idiosyncrasies such as he wouldn't live above the second floor, or wouldn't go through tunnels, firmly entrenched Shawn in New Yorker lore. But the most curious (and, dare I say in my most heterosexual tone, fabulous) rumor was this little slice below.

"There was always the rumor, totally unverified, that he was supposed to have been the child who was going to be kidnapped in a famous kidnapping in Chicago but another child was taken instead."

Granted, I'm likely the only person reading the above who thinks this is the balls. Still, when people are saying something akin to the above about you after sucking down a bottle of Old Grandad 114 with buddies around the campfire, then friend, you've got personality.

And if you're interested, the name of the book is: Salinger- A Biography By Paul Alexander. Ranked pretty low on my biography scale, but was an easy to read introduction into the life of one of our most heralded (I guess) authors. Might have to actually read A Catcher in the Rye, now.

Stay Chill.


  1. Nice blog. Found it via Col Bury's. Looking forward to keeping track of it! Just by title alone, going to give "Five Kilos" a read.

  2. Mike,

    I saw your comment on Dave Barbers site, right after my comment. I liked what you had to say. Then just for the hell of it I looked at your blogger profile and by God here I am. I have to admit anybody that lists George Strait in with favorite music well hell...enough said. I'm in. Amarillo By Mornin', The Chair, Marina Del Rey and on and on. Now I'm a follower of yours but I'm also reading those five stories you listed up there. Don't be stranger and drop by some time. - Jim.

  3. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend. As soon as I have something that I'm happy with (novel) I'll fire it over. You're first on my list. Your words seriously made me look at things a bit differently. I need to do this writing thing.

    Thanks, buddy!

  4. Sean- I've seen you around, man, and look forward to reading more of your work. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work on Five Kilos.

    Skees- I don't find too many other George Strait lovers in this little crime writing world of ours, so it's always good to meet another fan. I remember living in the middle of nowhere in Kansas...let's just say Marina Del Rey sounded like heaven to this old boy. You bet I'll be stopping by your place.

    David- We'll be in touch, amigo.