Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunshine City Terror. A Bad Day Today in St. Pete

South St. Pete- area of 37th street and 28th Ave S. Right now. What is being reported that we hope to God is not true: Federal Marshal in surgery. Two St. Pete cops and K9 dog down. Senseless. Terrible beyond words.

One take on the story so far: St. Pete Shooting

Nobody is proud to report this.

Took part in a citizens police course this past year and met some of these outstanding people and right now I am stunned. My prayers will never be enough for these hero's and their families.

And the filthy animal at the root of all this, Hydra Lacy Jr...let's just hope they bring him down without any other good people getting hurt.

If you got prayers to spare, then please send them up.


  1. Prayers on their way, my friend. Stay safe!

  2. Will do. Too much of this shit going on down here...everywhere. Lost two officers in Tampa just last year. You think about their families getting the news...perspective is a word we do not use enough these days.