Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Good Post Over At BIB

I read a damn good blog article this morning. This one sort of puts into words where I was at not so long ago and illustrates a few issues I still struggle with from time to time. Yeah, you've been in that boat too. Check it out over at Black Irish Blarney and read between the lines a little. A couple of solid, interesting thoughts in the comments section as well.

Speaking of chumps, who's that brotha to the right? A few buds have been bustin' my hump for awhile now, wanting a photo so they know who they're talking to. I even wore my best smile for the occasion.

See ya on the flip, amigos.


  1. Hi Mike,
    Nice to put a face to a t'internet name, but for some reason I thought you'd be older - dunno why.
    All the best for the new year, bud.

  2. 1st. Happy New Year, bud!!
    2nd. Nice to see a happy smiling face on your blog!
    3rd. How the f**k are you?

  3. Cole: Must be the wisdom I exude over the internet;^) Happy New Year to you as well and I'll be waiting for a progress report.

    David: Happy New Year to you! I'm all about the smile, man. All about the smile. Doing pretty good also. Writing. Tearing down load bearing walls in my house and everything that goes with it. Good times.