Friday, December 10, 2010

Two in the Bush

Two in progress. One I've put aside to let simmer (from post below). No punches pulled on this one. Takes place in 1981 and utilizes two points of view. Gonna be a long one, but worth it.

The other has a lead in quote by one of my personal heroes, The Manassa Mauler. Call this piece a character study regarding a man who is decidedly not Mr. Dempsey. I'm diggin' it so much- can't stop working on I'm inside this guy's head. Or maybe he's inside mine.

As a side note, I've got something living in my attic and walls. Freaking my wife out- I tell her to imagine it's a tiny unicorn sprinkling rainbow powder up there; takes the sting off the fact that it's probably an ugly ass fruit rat. I've got a trap set though, and I'll get the little shit.

And a big cheers to all my friends out there who I do not spend near enough time communicating with (too damn busy with the voices in my own head).

Stay chill.