Friday, September 10, 2010

That Time of the Year

Working out this morning sounded like a drag- ixnay. I rolled into work early, juiced up my computer and strolled through some of my favo' blogs. Can definitely tell it's the crazy season. Summer is on the way out. Cat's are fried, nervous systems sayin' "it's you or me, pal". Time off for some muchachos I know- well deserved and we'll be here, waitin' for ya.

Then you got David Barber and his big ol' brass one's holding a big ol' tarantula. You are a better man than I, DB.

Me? Had some mind flashes last night and this morning- much needed.

See ya on the flip.


  1. Hi Mike,
    I can't believe Dave has passed that snapshot of me n the tarantula as his own. And I thought he was a mate.
    (I'm shit scared of 'em really!) :)

    Ps. Hope you're good, fella.

  2. Are you sayin that because he said something about big hands (you know: big hands, big...)

    Hangin' in there and keep us up to date on the novel progress.


  3. Michael, some finer words were never uttered.

  4. Take it easy, mate. I'm a great lover of autumn and winter. The colours, frosty mornings and dark nights are always inspirational.

    See you on the flip.