Friday, March 26, 2010

The Big Adios

Okay knuckleheads, you should be doing more writing and less web surfing the way it is. But if you're a crime fiction and movie nut, you might want to head on over and check out The Big Adios. You can shoot the shit about books and movies. You can fraternize with well known authors like Tom Piccirilli and Max Allan Collins, just to name a few.

You can get further behind on your novel or short story.

So do yourself a favor and grace them with your presence. It's one of those forums where everyone is mondo cool, egos checked at the door. And if you're one of those types who signed up in the past but haven't been there in awhile, they just added an "off topic" section as well.

And while you guys and gals are there, I'll be here, working and not writing.

Yeah, just go on believing that.

See ya on the flip side.


  1. It is a great site, Mike! I don't belong to the forum but I go there to catch up on what books people are reading and to check out the interviews. It's a great time waster.

  2. Hey Sandra, thanks for stopping over. And yeah, sometimes it's a little too good of a time waster!

    Best- Mike

  3. I can't seem to get my head round 'forums', too much going on.

    How's the novel coming on and when can we expect a short or two from you?

    Keep on writing Mike, David.

  4. Mr. Solender, always a pleasure to have you stopping by!

    David, I'm the same way with forums, but TBA is fairly low key, which is why I check it out.

    The novel is going long as my sanity holds out. I've made quite a few changes to what you've read and those changes are baaaad ass! In this vein, where are you at on your book?

    And it's funny you mentioned shorts; I pulled out a couple of long-term stories in progress yesterday and went to work on them. They look good. My problem, is I see so much potential in a short. I'll start asking myself: "What if..." and it starts to baloon from there. But I think you'll see something over the next month or so.