Friday, January 15, 2010

Truth is Stranger than Fiction- Part 2

Ever sit down to write something and your mind goes blank? No inspiration? You read the papers, or cruise the internet and it's the same old, same old. Sometimes, it's just outside your backdoor, right in your home town. As is the case with the story linked in this post.

This seemed pretty mild at the beginning. There were a few strange things in the middle- that whole "Babyland" bit. When you get to the end of though, you realize what she went through and what she's now going through. Those last six sentences will break your heart: St. Petersburg Woman Sues Cemetary

The cemetary owner(s) my Father in Law would say: "Somebody should bust that fucker in the head."


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  1. Who'd have thought a cemetery was a "money making machine". Heart wrenching story. Cremation is my choice. They can't fuck that up.....or can they?? NIce post, Mike.