Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Setup

Weaving in and out of a writing euphoria: I knew I was losing it, when I looked over at my fat, black cat, Kitty, and she said "What the fuck's your problem?"

I only asked for her help in solving a few, minor plot issues. I stared her down. She returned the stare. I back down then she backs down. Back and forth this went, until I heard a rustlin/banging noise from the back room. She smiled and I swear to God she nodded- cocky bitch.

I move to the back room and there's our old dog, Rocky, turning her litter box into a smorgasbord. How do you make a puking sound in a blog post? He's chewing...something and smacking his lips, which are now dotted with kitty litter. We do the stare thing. He flashes puppy dog eyes. I chase him out of there and coming back up front, I see what they were up to: Kitty's puked up a hairball on my manuscript.

It was the perfect plan- a well executed setup performed by a ten year old cat and a thirteen year old dog.

And no, there is not a drop of booze flowing through my system.


  1. Mike, get the booze out, get the gun out, take them both out.....and write about it! ;-)

    Happy dayzzzz, David.

  2. That just got me ready for breakfast. Somehow I don't fancy muesli now.

  3. David, Kitty's done finished off the booze (she mixes Bushmills and catnip at a 3-1 ratio), so I'm screwed.

    And Matt, breakfast has taken on a whole new meaning (shudder)!

    As a side note into the investigation, I'm beginning to believe Rocky the dog was bamboozled into the subterfuge.