Friday, December 11, 2009

Tagged For A Story Virus...Finally, The Non Dripping Kind

My buddy David Barber, tagged me for this virus. I've never done something like this before, but it's fun as hell. Rather then go through it all, I'll give you the gist, off of David's blog:

"I was tagged today by MRMacrum, who had been tagged by Cormac Brown, who had been tagged by I, Splotchy, who started this thing off.
Click on Splotchy first to get the gist of things, then read Cormac's and then MRMacrum's." From there, you'll get to where David went with his.

Here's my addition:

Amid the chaos, this guy was cool. He owned pinache. As the crowded mall was swimming in hysterics, Blanco strolled nonplussed.

The lady pointed. Jenkins turned. He closed his eyes, breathed and opened them again.

He saw the man coming towards them. He was maybe 5'10" tall, black suit, angular build. But it wasn't that he was so nonplussed that startled Jenkins, it was his complexion. He was the first albino, that Jenkins had ever seen in his life.

Blanco was now in front of the security guard and the woman. He always stunned people, especially those who had never seen an albino before. He smiled. She screamed. He touched a point, just below her ear and she fainted. He managed to catch her before she hit the ground.

Jenkins had a string of saliva, stretching from his bottom lip to the floor. The albino offered him his handkerchief. Jenkins accepted. He didn't know what else to do.

"Jenkins!" his radio was screaming. "Goddamnit, are you..." Jenkins threw his radio down. The albino adjusted his Tag Hauer watch.

"My brother is at it again, I see?"

Jenkins looked at the lady, then back at the albino. "She acted like she knew you."

"I suspect she just noted my extreme confidence- happens all the time. Now, about my brother..."

"But, who are you?" Jenkins asked.

"So sorry- busy day. Blanco's the name."

"Which one is your brother?"

"Both, I'm afraid. However, I only claim, well, I call him Super for short...public perception and all. The other one does nothing for the family name."

Blanco then noticed something on the ground. "Ah," he said and walked to it. And casually leaning down, he stuck his finger in the green blood, put it to his tongue. He nodded, made a pistol with his forefinger and thumb, pointing it at Jenkins.

Jenkins eyes rolled. He hit the ground like a side of beef. An eyeball dis-lodged from it's socket.

Blanco winced- the eyeball was an accident. He then looked at his watch, wiped the blood off his finger.

"Well, I'd better take care of those two. Again," he said, only to himself while shaking his head. "Every damn Christmas, it's the same thing."

He produced a bored fart noise from his mouth, which echoed his mood. He then cracked his neck and disappeared. If he hurried, he could still make his pedicure.

That's it for me. Now I tag:
Christopher Grant


  1. Hi Mike,
    Given you an award, bud.
    Check out me blog.

  2. Hi Mike, don't get your comment. Apologies if you are disappointed with my contribution. 'Tis the season to be jolly.'

  3. Hi David,

    No, I LIKED your contribution...a lot. I just thought it was a funny aside that instead of disappointed, it was disappoint-ted, like his name.

    Sorry if this caught you the wrong way, definitely not my intention. Must be that old "humor over the internet, doesn't always work" thing.

  4. I truly appreciate that, Col. Sitting here with a cold developing, that was a real pick-me-up.

  5. Mike, no probs mate. I was thinking I wasn't taking this "story virus" serious. Then I check other pieces and they're all following the trend. Loved your piece, and the others that followed.
    All the best bud, David.

  6. Michael Moorcock would be proud. Nice one, Mike.

  7. The Christmas season has a new classic. Thanks for being a link in the chain that found its way to me.
    I think this was my favorite part.

  8. Thanks Cormac and thanks for stopping by!

    Michael, thanks to you for stopping by also and happy you liked it. I really had a lot of fun doing this.