Monday, November 16, 2009

Gulf Coast Swimmer- Up at A Twist of Noir

By now, many of you have figured out that I pretty much suck at blogging. I've never been much of a witty conversationist and, quite frankly, find myself to be quite boring. To be honest however, I don't worry about it much. What I really enjoy, is writing fiction, because I have a wild ass imagination. To that end, I've got a new short up over at A Twist of Noir, titled Gulf Coast Swimmer.

Originally, this story was my entry into a recent contest over at The Drowning Machine. At 2,500 words, it did okay- such is life. I went back to work on it (I probably put about 6 weeks into this one story) and came up with what you now see at AToN. If I could describe it in one word, I guess that word would be "Epic".

I hope everyone enjoys it and as always, I'd appreciate any feedback- good or bad. I'm willing to take a couple of gut shots, if it means improving my writing.

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